Yinchuan Wang

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Insider attacks is a well-known problem acknowledged as a threat as early as 1980s. The threat is attributed to legitimate users who take advantage of familiarity with the computational environment and abuse their privileges, can easily cause significant damage or losses. In this paper, we present an active defense model and framework of insider threat(More)
The common complications of the endoprosthesis are occlusion of the stents, and cholangitis. There are many bacterial colonies in the blocked stents. Some studies have proved that the silver in a low concentration has the antimicrobial efficacy .The plastic biliary stents coated with nano-silver were prepared by the chemical redox process with plastic(More)
One-dimensional silicon nanowires (SiNWs) were prepared by electron beam evaporation in ultrahigh vacuum (UHV). The SiNWs can be grown through either vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) or oxide-assisted growth (OAG) mechanism. In VLS growth, SiNWs can be formed on Si surface, not on SiO2 surfaces. Moreover, low deposition rate is helpful for producing lateral SiNWs(More)
This paper mainly analyzes the Microsoft's implementations of Trusted Computing in its Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB), and investigates that why NGSCB can build a secure and trusted system, and shows how it is built. In addition, Windows secure ability on withstanding attacks is also presented, and some defects that brought reproach upon(More)
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