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Bi- and Tetracyclic Spirotetronates from the Coal Mine Fire Isolate Streptomyces sp. LC-6-2.
The structures of 12 new "enantiomeric"-like abyssomicin metabolites (abyssomicins M-X) from Streptomyces sp. LC-6-2 are reported. Of this set, the abyssomicin W (11) contains an unprecedented
Terfestatins B and C, New p-Terphenyl Glycosides Produced by Streptomyces sp. RM-5-8.
EtOH damage neuroprotection assays using rat hippocampal-derived primary cell cultures with a terfestatin C-3'-β-D-glucuronide from Streptomyces sp.
Spoxazomicin D and Oxachelin C, Potent Neuroprotective Carboxamides from the Appalachian Coal Fire-Associated Isolate Streptomyces sp. RM-14-6.
Bioactivity analysis revealed 2 and 5 as potent neuroprotectives and lenoremycin (9) and its sodium salt (10) as potent UPR modulators, highlighting new functions for phenol-oxazolines/salicylates and polyether pharmacophores.
Identification of Neuroprotective Spoxazomicin and Oxachelin Glycosides via Chemoenzymatic Glycosyl-Scanning.
This study highlights the first application of the 2-chloro-4-nitrophenylglycoside-based screen toward an unbiased set of unique microbial natural products and the first reported application of this type of transglycosylation reaction for the corresponding preparative synthesis of target glycosides.
Mccrearamycins A-D, Geldanamycin-Derived Cyclopentenone Macrolactams from an Eastern Kentucky Abandoned Coal Mine Microbe.
Biomimetic chemical conversion studies confirmed that the mccrearamycin cyclopentenone derives from benzilic acid rearrangement of 19-hydroxy Gdm, and thereby provides a new synthetic derivatization strategy and implicates a potential unique biocatalyst in mcc rearamycins cyclopENTenone formation.
Frenolicins C-G, pyranonaphthoquinones from Streptomyces sp. RM-4-15.
While frenolicins are best known for their anticoccidial activity, the current study revealed compounds 6-9 to exhibit moderate cytotoxicity against the human lung carcinoma cell line (A549) and thereby extends the anticancer SAR for this privileged scaffold.
A diastereoselective oxa-Pictet-Spengler-based strategy for (+)-frenolicin B and epi-(+)-frenolicin B synthesis.
An efficient diastereoselective oxa-Pictet-Spengler reaction strategy was developed and offers exquisite stereocontrol and, as such, offers a synthetic advance for the synthesis of pyranonaphthoquinone analogs.
Baraphenazines A-G, Divergent Fused Phenazine-Based Metabolites from a Himalayan Streptomyces.
This study highlights the first reported bacterial strain capable of producing diastaphenazine-type, phenazinolin- type, and izumiphenazine A-type metabolites and presents a unique opportunity for the future biosynthetic interrogation of late-stage phenazine-based metabolite maturation.
A divergent enantioselective strategy for the synthesis of griseusins.
As the first divergent enantioselective synthesis, this strategy highlights a key hydroxy-directed CH olefination of 1-methylene isochroman with an α,β-unsaturated ketone followed by subsequent stereoselectIVE epoxidation and regioselectives cyclization to afford the signature tetrahydro-spiropyran ring.
Ruthmycin, a new tetracyclic polyketide from Streptomyces sp. RM-4-15.
The isolation and structural elucidation of a new tetracyclic polyketide (ruthmycin) from Streptomyces sp. RM-4-15, a bacteria isolated near thermal vents from the Ruth Mullins underground coal mine