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Recently, Racetrack Memory (RM) has attracted more and more attention of memory researchers because it has advantages of ultra-high storage density, fast access speed, and non-volatility. Prior research has demonstrated that RM has potential to replace SRAM for large capacity on-chip memory design. At the same time, it also addressed that the design space(More)
This paper analyses the different influence on the fundamental matrix (F matrix) by the different matched points in images and the weighted factor is introduced to express the distance between the matched point and the epipolar line which has the obvious geometry meaning. The paper looks the set of matched points as a random variable and the weighted factor(More)
—This work presents a low-power high-speed system-on-chip (SoC) for wireless body area networks (WBANs). The SoC is fully integrated with a 10 Mb/s on-off keying (OOK) RF transceiver, digital processing units, an 8051 micro-controlled unit (MCU), a successive approximation (SAR) ADC, and etc. The receiver adopts envelop detector (ED) based structure to(More)
Forest Ecological Security (FES) means coordinated development of forest ecosystems, social economies, and the forest environment. In this paper, we evaluate FES in Beijing under different designed scenarios using a dynamic systems model and find that first, the initial FES index value (in Scenario 0) increased to its highest level of 0.529 in 2012, but(More)
We present a robust self-calibration route based on three views. First, we can achieve the initial guess of focal value by another form of Kruppa equation. Second, three affine parameters can be solved in linear equations according to the absolute dual quadric. Gauss-Newton method is applied to solve modulus constraint equation instead of continue method.(More)
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