Yinan Kong

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Global techniques do not produce satisfying and definitive results for fingerprint image normalization due to the non-stationary nature of the image contents. Local normalization techniques are employed, which are a better alternative to deal with local image statistics. Conventional local normalization techniques involve pixelwise division by the local(More)
Modular multiplication can be performed in the residue number system (RNS) using a type of Montgomery reduction. This paper presents an alternative in which RNS modular multiplication are performed by using the core function. All of the intermediate calculations use short wordlength operations within the RNS. This work contributes to the long wordlength(More)
In this paper, the use of the one hot residue (OHR) number system for digital image processing and its application for designing fast, high-speed and low area image processors are studied. Since digital image filtering in space domain requires many algebra computations, we're going to propose a system with high computing speed based on OHR. Using proposed(More)
  • Yinan Kong
  • 2010
This work is a significant stage of the project, "Digital Arithmetic Public-Key Cryptography". It constructs a modular multiplier for use in the channel of a Residue Number System (RNS). The modular multiplier is implemented on FPGA and optimized by evaluating different versions of the Improved Barrett Algorithm. The resulting optimized multiplier is 12(More)