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The cooperative nature of protein substructure and internal motion is a critical aspect of their functional competence about which little is known experimentally. NMR relaxation is used here to monitor the effects of high pressure on fast internal motion in the protein ubiquitin. In contrast to the main chain, the motions of the methyl-bearing side chains(More)
Aromatic amino acid side chains have a rich role within proteins and are often central to their structure and function. Suitable isotopic-labelling strategies enable studies of sub-nanosecond aromatic-ring dynamics using solution NMR relaxation methods. Surprisingly, it was found that the three aromatic side chains in human ubiquitin show a sharp thermal(More)
High-pressure NMR spectroscopy has emerged as a complementary approach for investigating various structural and thermodynamic properties of macromolecules. Noticeably absent from the array of experimental restraints that have been employed to characterize protein structures at high hydrostatic pressure is the residual dipolar coupling, which requires the(More)
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