Yin-zhu Wang

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In this work, a dual-signaling electrochemiluminescence (ECL) ratiometric sensing approach for the detection of HL-60 cancer cells was reported for the first time. G-C3N4 nanosheets and Ag-PAMAM-luminol nanocomposits (Ag-PAMAM-luminol NCs) were prepared and served as reductive-oxidative and oxidative-reductive ECL emitters respectively. DNA probe(More)
In this work, we developed a visual electrochemiluminescence (ECL) sensing platform based on a dual-bipolar electrode (D-BPE) array chip. The chip was composed of two arrays of BPEs and three separated arrays of reservoirs filled with buffer, Ru(bpy)3(2+)-TPrA and luminol solutions, respectively. Both BPEs served as ECL reporting platforms. By applying 6.0(More)
A novel visual electrochemiluminescence (ECL) analysis strategy for detection of telomerase activity is reported on a microarray chip, with G-quadruplex deoxyribozyme (DNAzyme) and luminol modified Au nanoparticles (NPs) as double-catalytic amplification labels.
In this paper, a nonenzymatic glucose biosensor based on perovskite LaTiO3-Ag0.2(LTA) modified electrode was presented. The morphology and the composition of the perovskite LaTiO₃-Ag0.2 nanomaterials were characterized by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) respectively. The LaTiO₃-Ag0.2(LTA) composite was investigated by(More)
We report a multicolor ECL device based on closed bipolar electrode (BPE) for the visualized sensing of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in human blood serum. As the emission color of concomitant electrochemiluminophores is potential resolved, similar to a three-electrode system, selective excitation of ECL could be achieved by tuning the interfacial(More)
Herein, a spatial-resolved electrochemiluminescene (ECL) ratiometry based on a closed biopolar electrode (BPE) is reported for the highly sensitive detection of prostate specific antigen (PSA). Au@g-C3N4 NCs as one ECL emitter were firstly coated on the cathode of BPE, while the anode of the BPE served for calibration via another ECL substance,(More)
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