Yin-feng Xie

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Perchlorate is a new emerging persistent pollutant, while no studies about its effects on plants have been reported both home and abroad. In order to explore the effects of perchlorate on growth and physiology of aquatic plant, Alternanthera philoxeroides were treated by 1/20 Hoagland nutrient solution with different concentrations (0, 1, 5, 20, 100, 500(More)
Wheat or oat leaf segments were floated on acid solutions and the changes in several parameters measured. The putrescine content of wheat leaves was 12.8-fold greater at pH 3.5 than at pH 6 after 72 h. The increase in putrescine was accompanied by an increase in the amount of K+ efflux from the leaf tissue to the external solution. The activities of(More)
With Indocalamus barbatus as test material, the effects of silicon on the relative content of chlorophyll, diurnal variations of photosynthesis, and chlorophyll fluorescence were examined under simulated acid rain (pH 3.0) stress. The results showed that under acid rain stress, 20 and 500 mg x L(-1) of Na2SiO3 could prohibit the decrease of the relative(More)
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