Yin-Zhi Chen

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The purposes of this study were to examine technical details in deriving and maintaining rabbit embryonic stem (rES) cell lines and to analyze their characteristics. When STO cells were used as feeder cells, no rES cell lines were established using either intact blastocysts or inner cell masses (ICMs). On the mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF) feeder, rES(More)
Disseminated candidiasis is associated with 30-40% mortality in severely immunocompromised patients. Among the causal agents, Candida albicans is the dominant one. Various animal models have been developed for investigating gene functions in C. albicans. Zebrafish injection models have increasingly been applied in elucidating C. albicans pathogenesis(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the diversity and drug susceptibility of pathogenic yeasts on fruit surfaces. METHOD Fruits were purchased from supermarkets and washed with buffer. The pellets were re-suspended in medium after centrifugation. The cell suspensions were plated onto CHROMagar Candida medium. Yeasts were identified by ribosomal DNA sequencing and(More)
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