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A New Quantum Key Distribution Scheme Based on Frequency and Time Coding
A new scheme of quantum key distribution (QKD) using frequency and time coding is proposed, in which the security is based on the frequency-time uncertainty relation. In this scheme, the binary
Adaptive continuous variable quantum key distribution based on channel estimation
In order to obtain steady key rate for a continuous variable quantum key distribution system, Alice should adaptively adjust the intensity of optical pulses she sents. In this paper, an optical fiber
Design of Media Player Based on AMD Alchemy Au1200 Embedded Processor
The paper summarizes the project, prospects the PMP product of the next generation and the market development, and gives a PMP project implementation based on AMD′s embedded processor Au1200.
A Study on artificial immune network based on multilevel flow model
The results show that the model algorithm suggested can be used for fault diagnosis of complex industrial process and the failure probability of the node is expressed according to the concentration of antibody.
The output probability distribution of correlation receiver for GMSK signals
Using the formula of BER and the probability density function of sums of independent identical random variables, the error detection probability (EDP) and the missed detection probability(MDP) of correlation receiver is analysed.
Technique of Frequency Hopping Signal Time Weighting
A method is presented to handle the frequency hopping signals by time weighting and the method′s validity is proven by academic analysis and computer simulation.