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3D Visualization of Oil Spill in Marine Simulator
The early process of instantaneous oil spill was divided into two stages: oil spread, oil drift and dispersion, and the track of each stage was calculated using the respective mathematical model. TheExpand
STCW convention and the development of marine simulator
Compared with the original version, STCW 78/95 has devoted much more space to rules on the use of simulator, which will, beyond all doubt, give a fresh impetus to the development of marine simulator.Expand
Maritime Simulators: Convention and Technology
The transfer of image generator from advanced workstations to PC cluster,the application of software geometry correction and edge blending techniques used in wide field of view(FOV) cylindrical screen projection have greatly cut down the costs of developing visual systems in maritime simulators.Since the beginning of the new century,the progress of virtual reality technology,especially the rapid progress of computer graphics,makes it possible to generate movie-class reality of visual scene. Expand
Real-time Shadow Rendering in Scene System of Marine Simulator
In the large-scale scene system based on scene management software, an efficient method was presented to render shadow with shadow volume algorithm. Expand
Ship simulation using virtual reality technique
In this paper, ship is simulated and modeled applying the virtual reality technique. Expand
Rendering bank with bump map
This paper introduced several methods of bump map,analyzed dot 3 bump map to render bank using GPU's vertex shade and pixel shade. Expand
Research on 3D Scene Display Technologies of Java3D Based Navigation Simulator
  • Wang Ren-da, Yin Yong
  • Computer Science
  • Seventh International Conference on Image and…
  • 26 July 2013
In this article, several key modules in the visual system of navigation simulator developed by Java3D were studied, in particular loading models of ports and ships, wave effect, sky effect, sunlight effect. Expand
Real-time Visualization and Simulation of Oil Spill Based on Physical Model
This paper proposes an approach based on physical model and texture mapping to implement the 3D visualization of oil spill in real-time.By analyzing the drift and diffusion mathematical models of oilExpand
Research on the Key Technology of Fishing Sonar Simulator
Concerning marine education and training,the fishing sonar simulator can improve the function of navigation simulator and expand the application of navigation simulator,especially,in fishery trainingExpand
Research on Binocular Parallax Model and Depth Perception in Stereo Display
In order to establish stereo vision on the flat screen, by simulating human eyes' process of acquiring images in the real-world, this paper introduces methods of rendering binocular parallax images by the computer. Expand