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Despite early speculation to the contrary, all tropical forests studied to date display seasonal variations in the presence of new leaves, flowers, and fruits. Past studies were focused on the timing of phenological events and their cues but not on the accompanying changes in leaf area that regulate vegetation-atmosphere exchanges of energy, momentum, and(More)
The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides global imagery at nine discrete viewing angles and four visible/near-infrared spectral bands. MISR standard products include green leaf area index (LAI) of vegetation and fraction of photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by vegetation (FPAR). This paper describes the research basis(More)
Striking individual differences in severity of group A streptococcal (GAS) sepsis have been noted, even among patients infected with the same bacterial strain. We had provided evidence that HLA class II allelic variation contributes significantly to differences in systemic disease severity by modulating host responses to streptococcal superantigens.(More)
A wealth of studies has revealed a cross-cultural difference in the user preference on webpage designs. Users from other cultures often criticize a widely accepted webpage design in one culture. Designs for diverse cultures are thus expected to be specific to address diverse user preferences. This study investigated the preferences of Chinese users on four(More)
The debate about whether making a risky choice is based on a weighting and adding process has a long history and is still unresolved. To address this long-standing controversy, we developed a comparative paradigm. Participants' eye movements in 2 risky choice tasks that required participants to choose between risky options in single-play and multiple-play(More)
Motion saliency is the key component for the video saliency model, and attracts great research interest. However, there is few universal predictor of motion saliency. In this paper, a novel method for generation of motion saliency is proposed, in which motion saliency map is obtained through the multi reference frames, and enhanced by spatial saliency(More)
View ABSTRACT This paper uses statistical and analytical techniques to investigate intraseasonal interactions between temperature and vegetation [surrogated by the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI)] over the boreal forests. Results indicate that interactions between the two fields may be approximated as a coupled second-order system, in which(More)
One of the basic features of information is permanence. This feature states that the consumption of information by one consumer does not affect the availability of that information to other consumers. We present examples in two studies indicating that both laymen and experts of information exchange may be motivated to make choices that violate the(More)
Stamps found that the effects of visual cues on the perception of threat decrease with distance, even when the range of distance is extended to 45 m. The present comment suggests that the findings Stamps obtained in a Western culture may not hold in other cultures. The robustness of these findings might be improved by using real targets at actual physical(More)
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