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The human pathogenic bacterium Listeria monocytogenes is exposed to antibiotics both during clinical treatment and in its saprophytic lifestyle. As one of the keys to successful treatment is continued antibiotic sensitivity, the purpose of this study was to determine if exposure to sublethal antibiotic concentrations would affect the bacterial physiology(More)
The increasing demand for electrical failure analysis (EFA) in yield enhancement [1] has created new challenges for foundries and their clients. Dynamic EFA techniques, more in demand with the smaller technology nodes, have largely been the domain of the design-house failure analysis (FA) lab. In 2010 on 40nm packaged parts, a new laser-based technology,(More)
A new Jitter Mitigation feature in the latest generation laser voltage probing (LVP) tool effectively removes PLL jitter from LVP waveforms [Ng Yin S, Lo W, Wilsher K. Next generation laser voltage probing. In: Proceeding, international symposium on testing and failure analysis; 2008. p. 249]. It facilitates the probing of phase-locked loop (PLL) driven(More)
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