Yin - Ling Chen

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Sciatic nerve injury results in axon damage, muscle degeneration, and loss of function. We compared the potential of Schwann cell (SC), olfactory ensheathing cell (OEC), or mixed SC/OEC transplants for anatomical and functional restoration after adult rat sciatic nerve transection. The cells were seeded into a 20mm long macroporous(More)
In the preceding paper of this series, we reported the fractionation of the cells representing various stages of differentiation of the bovine esophageal epithelium (BEE). Nuclei or residue fractions containing nuclear proteins derived from the large cells of the superficial layer or the small cells of the basal layer were used as immunogens for hybridoma(More)
BACKGROUND The plant Alisma plantago-aquatica Linnaeus, which is widely distributed in southwest of China, is the main material of traditional Chinese medicine "Zexie". It was used as folk medicine for immune-modulation, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. Previous chemical studies on A. plantago-aquatica reported the identification of(More)
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