Yin-Lin Chen

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Epileptogenesis, which occurs in an epileptic brain, is an important focus for epilepsy. The spectral analysis has been popularly applied to study the electrophysiological activities. However, the resolution is dominated by the window function of the algorithm used and the sample size. In this report, a temporal waveform analysis method is proposed to(More)
Real world music pieces often present time-varying spectral shapes that normally lead to time, amplitude or frequency modulations in a phrase. Whereasthe standard Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) assumes fixed spectral bases, an extension is proposed where the temporalactivations, the coefficients of the decomposition on the spectralatom basis,(More)
The presence of an on-line seizure detection system could drive an antiepileptic stimulator in real time to suppress seizure generation and to enhance the patients' safety and quality of life. In this paper, the continuous long-term EEGs of three Wistar rats with spontaneous temporal lobe seizure were analyzed. We proposed the development of an energy(More)
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