Yin Kiong Hoh

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Two extracellular β-glucosidases (EC were isolated from Aspergillus niger USDB 0827 and A. niger USDB 0828, and their physical and kinetic properties studied. Both enzymes were very similar in terms of molecular size (230000 Da), pH optimum (pH 4.6), temperature optimum (65° C), stability at high temperatures and substrate preferences. They were(More)
Two extracellular β-glucosidases (cellobiase, EC, I and II, from Aspergillus nidulans USDB 1183 were purified to homogeneity with molecular weights of 240,000 and 78,000, respectively. Both hydrolysed laminaribiose, β-gentiobiose, cellobiose, p-nitrophenyl-β-L-glucoside, phenyl-β-L-glucoside, o-nitrophenyl-β-L-glucoside, salicin and(More)
Nonsteroidal antiestrogens reversibly and specifically inhibited the proliferation of two estrogen receptornegative lymphoid cell lines (EL4 and Raji) in a dose-dependent manner. [3H]Thymidine incorporation of concanavalin A-stimulated primary splenocytes was also inhibited by 10−6 M clomiphene(More)
Protoplast fusion, induced by polyethylene glycol and Ca2+, was carried out between two auxotrophic strains of Aspergillus niger. The fusion frequency ranged from 6.2 x 10(-2) - 9.1 x 10(-2). After induced haploidization of a diploid, various segregants showing combinations of the parental genetic markers were isolated. Unlike diploids, haploid segregants(More)
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