Yin Jun Zhang

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The curvature-stress relation is studied for a film-substrate bilayer with the effect of interfacial slip and compared with that of an ideal interface without interfacial slip. The interfacial slip together with the dimensions, elastic and interfacial properties of the film and substrate layers can cause a significant deviation of curvature-stress relation(More)
Characteristics of production and risk, distribution of water environmental risk are analyzed comprehensively in Chemical Industry Park. The assessment method about inherent risk of water environment by hazardous substances is proposed. Scoring rules are designed from the physical and chemical properties, quantity, health hazard, environmental sensitivity,(More)
We proposed in this article a novel kind of guiding cable with ultra-fine cross-section. The cable is characterized by its bending-insensitive and high-strength properties. Bending-insensitive fibers are included in the cable. The fibers are coated with high-strength yarn layers, which were surrounded by the outer coating layer. The outer diameter of the(More)
p-Nitrophenyl esters with a short-chain carboxylic group, such as p-nitrophenyl acetate (p-NPA) and p-nitrophenyl butyrate (p-NPB), could be effectively hydrolyzed by ammonium salts. p-Nitrophenyl esters were usually used as substrates to assay the lipase/esterase activity. Ammonium sulfate precipitation was often used to purify proteins, and some ammonium(More)
A practical active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) solution is proposed for the furnace temperature system. Employing a linear reduced-order model with optimized parameters, the practical ADRC is simple to use, easy to tune and energy-efficient in dealing with the uncertainties and disturbances in plant dynamics. Through the order reduction in both the(More)
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