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This paper reports findings from an analysis of medical or health queries to different web search engines. We report results: (i). comparing samples of 10000 web queries taken randomly from 1.2 million query logs from the AlltheWeb.com and Excite.com commercial web search engines in 2001 for medical or health queries, (ii). comparing the 2001 findings from(More)
In light of anatomical evidence suggesting differential connection patterns in central vs. peripheral representations of cortical areas, we investigated the extent to which the response properties of cells in the primary visual area (V1) of the marmoset change as a function of eccentricity. Responses to combinations of the spatial and temporal frequencies(More)
—Given a set of spatial points DS, each of which is associated with categorical information, e.g., restaurant, pub, etc., the optimal route query finds the shortest path that starts from the query point (e.g., a home or hotel), and covers a user-specified set of categories (e.g., {pub, restaurant, museum}). The user may also specify partial order(More)
—This paper studies the problem of finding objects with durable quality over time in historical time series databases. For example, a sociologist may be interested in the top 10 web search terms during the period of some historical events; the police may seek for vehicles that move close to a suspect 70 percent of the time during a certain time period and(More)
PURPOSE To analyze transforming growth factor beta-induced (TGFBI) gene mutations in a Chinese pedigree with Reis-Bücklers dystrophy (RBCD). METHODS In a four-generation Chinese family with Reis-Bücklers dystrophy, six members were patients and the rest were unaffected. All members of the family underwent complete ophthalmologic examinations. Exons of(More)
In this article I propose a Yin Yang perspective to understand culture. Based on the indigenous Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang, I conceptualize culture as possessing inherently paradoxical value orientations, thereby enabling it to embrace opposite traits of any given cultural dimension. I posit that potential paradoxical values coexist in any culture; they(More)
Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is the most important hereditary retinal disease caused by progressive degeneration of the photoreceptor cells. This study is to identify gene mutations responsible for autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa (arRP) in a Chinese family using next-generation sequencing technology. A Chinese family with 7 members including two(More)
Pollen spectrum, physicochemical parameters and volatile fraction of Corsican " spring " honeys were investigated with the aim of developing a multidisciplinary method for the qualification of honeys in which nectar resources are under-represented in the pollen spectrum. Forty-one Corsican " spring " honeys were certified by melissopalynological analysis(More)
Drug-induced aberrant DNA methylation is the first identified epigenetic marker involved in chemotherapy resistance. Understanding how the aberrant DNA methylation is acquired would impact cancer treatment in theory and practice. In this study we systematically investigated whether and how ERα propelled aberrant global DNA hypermethylation in the context of(More)