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This paper reports findings from an analysis of medical or health queries to different web search engines. We report results: (i). comparing samples of 10000 web queries taken randomly from 1.2 million query logs from the AlltheWeb.com and Excite.com commercial web search engines in 2001 for medical or health queries, (ii). comparing the 2001 findings from(More)
—Given a set of spatial points DS, each of which is associated with categorical information, e.g., restaurant, pub, etc., the optimal route query finds the shortest path that starts from the query point (e.g., a home or hotel), and covers a user-specified set of categories (e.g., {pub, restaurant, museum}). The user may also specify partial order(More)
—This paper studies the problem of finding objects with durable quality over time in historical time series databases. For example, a sociologist may be interested in the top 10 web search terms during the period of some historical events; the police may seek for vehicles that move close to a suspect 70 percent of the time during a certain time period and(More)
Aberrant expression of special AT-rich binding protein 1 (SATB1), a global genomic organizer, has been associated with various cancers, which raises the question of how higher-order chromatin structure contributes to carcinogenesis. Disruption of apoptosis is one of the hallmarks of cancer. We previously demonstrated that SATB1 mediated specific long-range(More)
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