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AIM To evaluate the outcome of arthroscopy treatment using high-strength line in the treatment of tibial avulsion fracture of posterior cruciate ligament. METHODS Both the avulsed bone block and the tibia bone bed were refreshed. The procedure was completed with the assistance of PCL director drill guide. The reduction and fixation using high-strength(More)
Objective: To analyze the causes, clinical features a n d t r e a t m e n t o u t c o m e s i n p a t i e n t s w i t h n o n-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) and different severity of hypospermatogenesis (HS). Methods: This is a retrospective study from our reproductive clinic. Data of history, physical findings, serum hormone profiles and genetic studies(More)
countries were reviewed. Results: Two novel FLCN mutations were found in exon 9 and exon 7 respectively (c.946-947delAG and c.770-772delCCT). The cutaneous presentations were relatively rare in Asian countries. Conclusions: A definite diagnosis of BHD should only be made if a pathogenic FLCN germline mutation is detected. When cutaneous lesions are not(More)
Objective: Young men present as erectile dysfunction (ED) were usually thought to be related to psychiatric problems. Penile duplex Doppler ultrasonography (PDDU) is a minimally-invasive method for evaluating the penile hemodynamics in men with ED. To date, little is known about the findings of PDDU in men younger than 40 years. The aim of this study is to(More)
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