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In KDD procedure, to fill in missing data typically requires a very large investment of time and energy-often 80% to 90% of a data analysis project is spent in making the data reliable enough so that the results can be trustful. In this paper, we propose a SVM regression based algorithm for filling in missing data, i.e. set the decision attribute (output(More)
FPGAs provide lots of the flexibility of programmable DSP processors but with higher real-time performance. An FPGA based on Multi-channel Dual-frequency Digital Receiver has been developed for Soft Radar. In this paper, we review digital down-conversion (DDC) technique, and a parallel processing architecture based on FPGA is introduced. The FPGA adopt(More)
Video based 3D reconstruction of human motion plays an important role in many applications. We implement a system that robustly reconstructs 3D human motion from markerless videos taken by a single camera. Our system only requires a desktop PC and a mainstream camera, and doesn't involve complex camera calibration, making it easy to implement and widely(More)
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