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In KDD procedure, to fill in missing data typically requires a very large investment of time and energy-often 80% to 90% of a data analysis project is spent in making the data reliable enough so that the results can be trustful. In this paper, we propose a SVM regression based algorithm for filling in missing data, i.e. set the decision attribute (output(More)
Video based 3D reconstruction of human motion plays an important role in many applications. We implement a system that robustly reconstructs 3D human motion from markerless videos taken by a single camera. Our system only requires a desktop PC and a mainstream camera, and doesn't involve complex camera calibration, making it easy to implement and widely(More)
This paper catches the knowledge of the automotive fault diagnosis domain, provides a common understanding of the domain knowledge, determines the common vocabularies which are recongnized by the domain, and gives explicit definition of the relations between the vocabularies from different levels of formal module. Using Protégé builds the(More)
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