Yin Cheng Ng

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From the foregoing it is evident that the defective clearance of immune complexes may contribute to tissue damage seen in patients with cryoglobulins. Hypocomplementaemia, decreased erythrocyte CR1, and the nature of the immune complexes may all contribute to decreased binding of immune complexes to erythrocytes with the potential consequence of increased(More)
Factorial Hidden Markov Models (FHMMs) are powerful models for sequential data but they do not scale well with long sequences. We propose a scalable inference and learning algorithm for FHMMs that draws on ideas from the stochastic variational inference, neural network and copula literatures. Unlike existing approaches, the proposed algorithm requires no(More)
Stress fractures of the tibia secondary to tibial deformities from osteoarthritis are rare, and may be difficult to manage. We treated two patients with stress fractures of the proximal tibial diaphyses over a period of two years. Both patients had osteoarthritis of the knee; one with genu valgus deformity and the other, genu varus deformity. The former(More)
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