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Obesity and its associated metabolic syndromes represent a growing global challenge, yet mechanistic understanding of this pathology and current therapeutics are unsatisfactory. We discovered that CD4(+) T lymphocytes, resident in visceral adipose tissue (VAT), control insulin resistance in mice with diet-induced obesity (DIO). Analyses of human tissue(More)
In this paper, we introduce a feature-based approach for image retrieval by sketch. Using edge segments as features which are modeled by implicit polynomials(IPs), we hope to provide a similarity computation method that is robust towards user query sketch distortions. We report some preliminary results of the first phase of our work in this paper. From(More)
In type 1 diabetes, T cell-mediated death of pancreatic beta cells produces insulin deficiency. However, what attracts or restricts broadly autoreactive lymphocyte pools to the pancreas remains unclear. We report that TRPV1(+) pancreatic sensory neurons control islet inflammation and insulin resistance. Eliminating these neurons in diabetes-prone NOD mice(More)
The SPEC CINT92 and CFP92 benchmark suites are application-based system benchmarks primarily intended for workstation-class system performance measurements. The SPEC CPU benchmark results are widely disseminated by system vendors and as such have become the de-facto standard for comparing system performance. Recently, many observers have expressed concerns(More)
In this article, we introduce a method for monitoring the Weibull shape parameter β with type II (failure) censored data. The control limits depend on the sample size, the number of censored observations, the target average run length, and the stable value of β. The method assumes that the scale parameter α is constant during each sampling period, which is(More)
Organisation-based programming promises that it can facilitate the development and management of dynamic and flexible software systems with high-level organisational abstractions. However, the adoption of such approach in industry has been sluggish, largely due to the lack of efficient programming languages and their supporting platforms. Oragentburg is a(More)