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In this paper, we provide a systematic study of the task of sensor planning for object search. The search agent's knowledge of object location is encoded as a discrete probability density which is updated whenever a sensing action occurs. Each sensing action of the agent is defined by a viewpoint, a viewing direction, a field-of-view, and the application of(More)
This paper proposes a novel tracking strategy that can robustly track a person or other object within a xed environment using a pan, tilt, and zoom camera with the help of a pre-recorded image database. We deene a set of camera states which i s s u c i e n t t o s u r v ey the environment for the target. Background images for these camera states are stored(More)
We have built a set of integrated AI systems (called conversation machines) to enable transaction processing over the telephone for limited domains like stock trading and banking. The conversation machines integrate the state-of-the-art technologies from computer telephony, continuous speech recognition, natural language processing and human-computer(More)
In this paper, we propose using standard XML messaging interfaces between components of natural language dialog systems. We describe a stock trading and information access system, where XML is used to encode speech acts, transactions and retrieved information in messages between system components. We use an XML/XSL based unification approach to display(More)