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In this paper, we provide a systematic study of the task of sensor planning for object search. The search agent’s knowledge of object location is encoded as a discrete probability density which is updated whenever a sensing action occurs. Each sensing action of the agent is defined by a viewpoint, a viewing direction, a field-of-view, and the application of(More)
Calmodulin (CaM) has been implicated in mediating the Ca(2+)-dependent regulation of gap junctions. This report identifies a CaM-binding motif comprising residues 136-158 in the intracellular loop of Cx43. A 23-mer peptide encompassing this CaM-binding motif was shown to bind Ca(2+)-CaM with 1:1 stoichiometry by using various biophysical approaches,(More)
Ca2+ binding is essential for the biological functions of calmodulin (CaM) as a trigger/sensor protein to regulate many biological processes in the Ca2+ -signaling cascade. A challenge in understanding the mechanism of Ca2+ signaling is to obtain site-specific information about the Ca2+ binding properties of individual Ca2+ -binding sites of EF-hand(More)
  • Wei Yang, Lisa M Jones, +8 authors Jenny J Yang
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 2003
Calcium ions play key roles as structural components in biomineralization and as a second messenger in signaling pathways. We have introduced a de novo designed calcium-binding site into the framework of a non-calcium-binding protein, domain 1 of CD2. The resulting protein selectively binds calcium over magnesium with calcium-binding affinity comparable to(More)
Cervical cancer is among the most common cancers in women worldwide. Discovery of biomarkers for the early detection of cervical cancer would improve current screening practices and reduce the burden of disease. In this study, we report characterization of the human cervical mucous proteome as the first step towards protein biomarker discovery. The protein(More)
This paper studies the dynamics of agent mediated combinatorial trading at the macroscopic level. The combinatorial marketplace consists of a retailer who wishes to sell bundles of items, and a large number of agents with different purchasing goals. These agents dynamically form coalitions to exploit the benefits of grouping based on their complementary(More)
To understand the key determinants in calcium-binding affinity, a calcium-binding site with pentagonal bipyramid geometry was designed into a non-calcium-binding protein, domain 1 of CD2. This metal-binding protein has five mutations with a net charge in the coordination sphere of -5 and is termed DEEEE. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer was used to(More)
Proteomics have been used widely to study proteins in complex materials such as cells, body fluids, tissues, and organisms. Application of advance proteomic techniques for the characterization of disease-specific proteins may provide information for the detection of potential infectious agents. In this report, two proteomics techniques, a two-dimensional(More)