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OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between genetic polymorphism of metabolizing enzymes and DNA repairing enzymes and the susceptibility of pulmonary cancer in Henan population. METHODS A case-control study of 209 lung cancer patients and 256 healthy control subjects was conducted in Henan population to investigate the role of CYP1A1-Msp1,(More)
A novel color image segmentation method based on finite Gaussian mixture model is proposed in this paper. First, we use EM algorithm to estimate the distribution of input image data and the number of mixture components is automatically determined by MML criterion. Then the seg-mentation is carried out by clustering each pixel into appropriate component(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the risk factors for early miscarriage among Chinese women. DESIGN Hospital-based matched case-control study. SETTING Academic medical center and maternal health hospital. PATIENT(S) 620 women with early miscarriage (less than 13 weeks of gestation) and 1,240 normal pregnant women. INTERVENTION(S) Face-to-face questionnaire.(More)
With the aim of broadening the versatility of lentiviral vectors as a tool in nucleic acid research, we expanded the genetic code in the propagation of lentiviral vectors for site-specific incorporation of chemical moieties with unique properties. Through systematic exploration of the structure-function relationship of lentiviral VSVg envelope by(More)
Doxorubicin (DOX)-loaded glycyrrhetinic acid (GA)-modified alginate (ALG) nanoparticles (DOX/GA-ALG NPs) were prepared for targeting therapy of liver cancer. This study focused on the biodistribution of DOX/GA-ALG NPs in Kunming mice as well as their antitumor activity against liver tumors in situ and side effects. The biodistribution data showed that the(More)
The secreted phosphoprotein osteopontin (OPN), when immobilized on a surface, supports cell adhesion, prevents apoptosis of endothelial cells, and is a ligand for the alpha(v)beta(3) integrin, which is important in endothelial cell biology and neovascularization. OPN synthesized by tumor cells stimulates tumor growth, but the mechanism by which the protein(More)
BACKGROUND Heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70) has been shown to act as a chaperone and be associated with a variety of tumors. We investigated HSP70-1 G+190C, HSP70-2 A+1267G, and HSP70-hom T+2437C polymorphisms to assess whether genetic variation in HSP70 plays a role in the occurrence and development of lung cancer. METHODS A case-control study was conducted(More)