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We determine the phylogenetic backbone of the East Asian mtDNA tree by using published complete mtDNA sequences and assessing both coding and control region variation in 69 Han individuals from southern China. This approach assists in the interpretation of published mtDNA data on East Asians based on either control region sequencing or restriction fragment(More)
Medium access control (MAC) protocols have a large impact on the achievable system performance for wireless ad hoc networks. Because of the limitations of existing analytical models for ad hoc networks, many researchers have opted to study the impact of MAC protocols via discrete-event simulations. However, as the network scenarios, traffic patterns and(More)
This paper describes our ongoing work on grammatical error correction (GEC). Focusing on all possible error types in a real-life environment, we propose a factored statistical machine translation (SMT) model for this task. We consider error correction as a series of language translation problems guided by various linguistic information, as factors that(More)
This paper is to describe our machine translation evaluation systems used for participation in the WMT13 shared Metrics Task. In the Metrics task, we submitted two automatic MT evaluation systems nLEPOR_baseline and LEPOR_v3.1. nLEPOR_baseline is an n-gram based language independent MT evaluation metric employing the factors of modified sentence length(More)
In the present study, whether coadministration of huperzine A (HA) and ligustrazine phosphate (LP) could effectively improve the memory deficits in association with ameliorating cholinergic impairment and oxidative stress in the scopolamine-induced amnesia rats was assessed. The effects of treatment with Coa [HA (0.14 mg/kg, i.g.) and LP (110 mg/kg, i.g.)](More)
Delphinidin-3-glucoside (Dp-3-g) is one of the predominant bioactive compounds of anthocyanins in many plant foods. Although several anthocyanin compounds have been reported to be protective against cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), the direct effect of anthocyanins on platelets, the key players in atherothrombosis, has not been studied. The roles of Dp-3-g(More)
—Image scrambling is one important method in image encryption field. By using some characteristics of chaos system, e.g. the sensitivity to initial conditions, the sensitivity to parameter and the pseudo-randomicity, this paper presents one image scrambling algorithm based on chaotic mapping. In order to achieve an effect of image scrambling, each pair of(More)
microRNAs (miRNAs) have been hypothesized to function as oncogenes or tumor suppressors by targeting specific cancer‑related genes. Previous studies have reported that miR-223 may serve as a tumor suppressor in a number of cancer types, however, knowledge of its targets in non‑small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) remains limited. In the current study, miR‑223 was(More)
We consider regularized empirical risk minimization problems. In particular, we minimize the sum of a smooth empirical risk function and a nonsmooth regularization function. When the regularization function is block separable, we can solve the minimization problems in a randomized block coordinate descent (RBCD) manner. Existing RBCD methods usually(More)