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We determine the phylogenetic backbone of the East Asian mtDNA tree by using published complete mtDNA sequences and assessing both coding and control region variation in 69 Han individuals from southern China. This approach assists in the interpretation of published mtDNA data on East Asians based on either control region sequencing or restriction fragment(More)
Medium access control (MAC) protocols have a large impact on the achievable system performance for wireless ad hoc networks. Because of the limitations of existing analytical models for ad hoc networks, many researchers have opted to study the impact of MAC protocols via discrete-event simulations. However, as the network scenarios, traffic patterns and(More)
Isoflavone reductase is an enzyme involved in isoflavonoid biosynthesis in plants. However, rice isoflavone reductase-like gene (OsIRL, accession no. AY071920) has not been unraveled so far. Here, we have characterized its behavior in response to oxidizing agents. Using Northern and Western blot analyses, the OsIRL gene and protein were shown to be(More)
Autosomal dominant sacral agenesis is characterised by a partial agenesis of the sacrum typically involving sacral vertebrae S2-S5 only. Associated features include anorectal malformation, a presacral mass, and urogenital malformation. Together, these features have been defined as the Currarino syndrome. Recently, HLXB9 has been identified as the major(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease. Autonomic instability may play a mediating or moderating role in this relationship; however this is not well understood. The objective of this study was to explore cardiac autonomic function and cardiac arrhythmia in depression, the correlation between depression severity and(More)
Secreted proteins were investigated in rice suspension-cultured cells treated with rice blast fungus Magnaporthe grisea and its elicitor using biochemical and 2-DE coupled with MS analyses followed by their in planta mRNA expression analysis. M. grisea and elicitor successfully interacted with suspension-cultured cells and prepared secreted proteins from(More)
This paper describes our ongoing work on grammatical error correction (GEC). Focusing on all possible error types in a real-life environment, we propose a factored statistical machine translation (SMT) model for this task. We consider error correction as a series of language translation problems guided by various linguistic information, as factors that(More)
The HLXB9 homeobox gene was recently identified as a locus for autosomal dominant Currarino syndrome, also known as hereditary sacral agenesis (HSA). This gene specifies a 403-amino acid protein containing a homeodomain preceded by a very highly conserved 82-amino acid domain of unknown function; the remainder of the protein is not well conserved. Here we(More)
Partial absence of the sacrum is a rare congenital defect which also occurs as an autosomal dominant trait; association with anterior meningocoele, presacral teratoma and anorectal abnormalities constitutes the Currarino triad (MIM 176450). Malformation at the caudal end of the developing notochord at approximately Carnegie stage 7 (16 post-ovulatory days),(More)