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To address the path tracking problem of autonomous land vehicle, a new vehicle-road model named “Ribbon Model” is constructed under the constraints of road width and vehicle geometry structure. A new vehicle-road evaluation algorithm is developed based on this model, and new path tracking controller is designed. The difficulties of preview(More)
Trough binocular vision the fast disparity image is often desired for many applications, but, most algorithms could not easily be application because of complexity. We present an image-processing technique that can fast estimate depth image from binocular vision images. By finding out the lines which present the best matched area in the disparity space(More)
Lane detection is crucial part of vision driver assistance system of intelligent vehicles. In this paper we present a multi-lane detection method using omni-directional camera. The contribution of this paper is twofold. Firstly, we present an anisotropy steerable filter with the aim of get more reliable lane markings feature extraction under adverse(More)
Through binocular vision the fast disparity image is often desired for many applications, but, stereo vision still is an on studying subject. It is hard to get the precisely result because of the complex of the vision task. Vertical edges of depth images are presented much information of the stereo scene for further image processing. We present an image(More)
In vision navigation tasks, the road segmentation is a useful method. Usually, roads can be detected using image segmentation and related image process methods. However such methods always rely on specific road prior knowledge, and they are difficult to be realized in different environments. In this paper the learning classification is proposed. In the(More)
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