Yiming Bai

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A way to increase the photocurrent of top-cell is crucial for current-matched and highly-efficient GaInP/GaInAs/Ge triple-junction solar cells. Herein, we demonstrate that ellipsoidal silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) with better extinction performance and lower fabrication temperature can enhance the light harvest of GaInP/GaInAs/Ge solar cells compared with(More)
High concentrating photovoltaic (HCPV) is a promising technique for the practical commercial utilization of solar energy. However, the performance of a HCPV system is significantly influenced by environmental parameters such as solar direct normal irradiance (DNI) level and environmental temperature. This paper analyzes the performance of a 9 kW p(More)
Larval zebrafish, with a simple and transparent vertebrate brain composed of ~100 K neurons, is well suited for deciphering entire neural circuit activity underlying behavior. Moreover, their small body size (~4–5 mm in length) is compatible with 96-well plates, making larval zebrafish amenable to high content screening. Despite these attractive features,(More)
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