Yimin Xiao

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Consider a stationary Gaussian random field on R d with the spectral density f (λ) that satisfies f (λ) ∼ c |Hλ| −θ as |λ| → ∞ for some nonsingular matrix H. The parameters c and θ control the tail behavior of the spectral density. c is related to a microergodic parameter and θ is related to a fractal index. For data observed on a grid, we propose(More)
We show that for a wide class of Gaussian random fields, points are polar in the critical dimension. Examples of such random fields include solutions of systems of linear stochastic partial differential equations with deterministic coefficients, such as the stochastic heat equation or wave equation with space-time white noise, or colored noise in spatial(More)
Elder abuse in long-term care has become a very important public health concern. Recent estimates of elder abuse prevalence are in the range of 2% to 10% (Lachs & Pillemer, 2004), and current changes in population structure indicate a potential for an upward trend in prevalence (Malley-Morrison, Nolido, & Chawla, 2006; Post et al., 2006). More than 20 years(More)
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