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Consider a stationary Gaussian random field on R d with spectral density f (λ) that satisfies f (λ) ∼ c |λ| −θ as |λ| → ∞. The parameters c and θ control the tail behavior of the spectral density. c is related to a microergodic parameter and θ is related to a fractal index. For data observed on a grid, we propose estimators of c and θ by minimizing an(More)
We establish exact, dimension-dependent, spatio-temporal, uniform and local moduli of continuity for (1) the fourth order L-Kuramoto-Sivashinsky (L-KS) SPDEs and for (2) the time-fractional stochastic partial integro-differential equations (SPIDEs), driven by space-time white noise in one-to-three dimensional space. Both classes were introduced—with(More)
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