Yimin Shen

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In the context of the renewed interest of peptides as therapeutics, it is important to have an on-line resource for 3D structure prediction of peptides with well-defined structures in aqueous solution. We present an updated version of PEP-FOLD allowing the treatment of both linear and disulphide bonded cyclic peptides with 9-36 amino acids. The server makes(More)
We treated traumatic brain injury (TBI) with human bone marrow stromal cells (hMSCs) and evaluated the effect of treatment on white matter reorganization using MRI. We subjected male Wistar rats (n = 17) to controlled cortical impact and either withheld treatment (controls; n = 9) or inserted collagen scaffolds containing hMSCs (n = 8). Six weeks later, the(More)
Abstract The current study used a rat model to investigate the underlying mechanisms of blast-induced tinnitus, hearing loss, and associated traumatic brain injury (TBI). Seven rats were used to evaluate behavioral evidence of tinnitus and hearing loss, and TBI using magnetic resonance imaging following a single 10-msec blast at 14 psi or 194 dB sound(More)
Communicating hydrocephalus (CH) occurs frequently, but clinically-relevant animal models amenable to diagnostic imaging and cerebrospinal fluid shunting are not available. In order to develop and characterize models of subarachnoid space (SAS) obstruction at the basal cisterns (BC) or cerebral convexities (CX), 25% kaolin was injected in adult female(More)
It was recently demonstrated that refractive errors in mice stabilize around emmetropic values during early postnatal development, and that they develop experimental myopia in response to both visual form deprivation and imposed optical defocus similar to other vertebrate species. Animal studies also suggest that photopic vision plays critical role in(More)
—Under the environment of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), service users have to decide how to choose the proper provider from the candidates to obtain optimal service level. The existing approaches based on the optimization theories usually ignore the decision conflicts among users, which result in periodic QoS fluctuation and poor system performance.(More)
Predicting accurate fragments from sequence has recently become a critical step for protein structure modeling, as protein fragment assembly techniques are presently among the most efficient approaches for de novo prediction. A key step in these approaches is, given the sequence of a protein to model, the identification of relevant fragments - candidate(More)
Despite intense investigation, human replication origins and termini remain elusive. Existing data have shown strong discrepancies. Here we sequenced highly purified Okazaki fragments from two cell types and, for the first time, quantitated replication fork directionality and delineated initiation and termination zones genome-wide. Replication initiates(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture is a serious complication of osteoporosis. Various vertebral kyphoplasty surgeries, which have their own unique features, are commonly used for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture. Based on the anatomic property of the thoracolumbar vertebral pedicle that its horizontal diameter is twice that of(More)