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In comparison to the current target-based screening approach, it is increasingly evident that active lead compounds based on disease-related phenotypes are more likely to be translated to clinical trials during drug development. That is, because human diseases are in essence the outcome of the abnormal function of multiple genes, especially in complex(More)
The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator coupled model (ACCESS-CM) has been developed at the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), a partnership between CSIRO 1 and the Bureau of Meteorology. It is built by coupling the UK Met Office atmospheric unified model (UM), and other sub-models as required, to the ACCESS(More)
This paper presents a privacy compliance engine that monitors emails generated in an organization for violation of privacy policy of this organization. Our architecture includes four components: a domain knowledge defining the entities and private information we are dealing with, a pre-analysis component that extracts header information and segments the(More)
The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) has been developed at the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research. It is a coupled modeling system consisting of ocean, atmosphere and land surface. The ACCESS atmospheric component is the UK Met Office Unified Model (UM). The initial results from the ACCESS coupled model had(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative description of dose-response of a drug for complex systems is essential for treatment of diseases and drug discovery. Given the growth of large-scale biological data obtained by multi-level assays, computational modeling has become an important approach to understand the mechanism of drug action. However, due to complicated(More)
In this work, synergism and antagonism among active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) were studied at system-level by using molecular imprinting technology. Reduning Injection (RDNI), a TCM injection, was widely used to relieve fever caused by viral infection diseases in China. Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) synthesized by sol-gel(More)
CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology advise that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information without(More)
Secosesquside (1), a new secoiridoid glucoside-sesquiterpene conjugate, together with three known secoiridoid derivatives, were isolated from flower buds of Lonicerajaponica. The isolated compounds were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic analyses, especially 2D NMR experiments. The anti-inflammatory activities of the new compound were also evaluated by(More)
The definitions of impact factor and key geometric error (KGE) were given and a new method for identifying KGEs was proposed. Taking one machining center as example, the mapping relation model of the machine tool geometric error and comprehensive error was built up with the theory of multi-body system, by calculating and comparing the impact factor, 16 KGEs(More)