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INTRODUCTION Male breast cancer accounts for around 1% of all breast cancer cases but the incidence has risen in recent years. This study aimed to classify the molecular subtypes of male breast cancers based on the expression profile of immunomarkers and to evaluate their association with clinicopathological features and expression patterns of epidermal(More)
In this paper, we propose an array-based architecture for DCT computation with high scalability. The scalable architecture can perform DCT computations for 15 different zones and 8 different precisions to achieve quality scalability for DCT coefficients. Due to the quantization process in video coding, the quality can still be retained for larger(More)
Elementary number theoretic properties of cyclotomic polynomials are a topic that has become very popular among olympiad mathematics and the discussions about and around several interesting olympiad problems. The purpose of this note is to give an introductory lesson about this issue and the structure behind it and to present some examples of how this(More)
—This paper presents a systematic approach to exponentially stabilize the periodic orbits of multi-domain hybrid systems arising from 3D bipedal walking. Firstly, the method of Poincaré sections is extended to the hybrid systems with multiple domains. Then, based on the properties of the Poincaré maps, a continuous piecewise feedback control strategy is(More)
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