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In order to meet the clinical requirements of spine surgery, this paper proposes the fabrication of the customized template for spine surgery through computer-aided design. A 3D metal printing-selective laser melting (SLM) technique was employed to directly fabricate the 316L stainless steel template, and the metal template with tiny locating holes was used(More)
Excitation using femtosecond laser pulses induced ultrafast heating of discontinuous gold nanowires, resulting in transient thermal expansion of the gold nanostructures that constitute the nanowires. The cross-plasmon resulting from the closely arranged gold nanostructures along the nanowires was modified by the change in the small gaps due to the thermal(More)
Plasmon resonance in nanostructured metals is in essence collective oscillation of free electrons, which is driven by optical electric fields and oscillates at nearly the same frequency as the excitation photons. This is the basic physics for the currently extensively interested topics in optical metamaterials, optical switching, and logic optical(More)
This study aims to analyse the clinical efficacies of electrocardiogram (ECG) in diagnosing cardiac autonomic dysfunction (CAD) and to explore the clinical values of this method. A total of 82 CAD patients clinically diagnosed and confirmed were selected for the traditional Chinese medical treatment and psychological intervention. After three courses of(More)
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