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Cell type-specific expression of optogenetic molecules allows temporally precise manipulation of targeted neuronal activity. Here we present a toolbox of four knock-in mouse lines engineered for strong, Cre-dependent expression of channelrhodopsins ChR2-tdTomato and ChR2-EYFP, halorhodopsin eNpHR3.0 and archaerhodopsin Arch-ER2. All four transgenes mediated(More)
Measurement of pipeline wall thickness is one of the main contents of nondestructive inspection on offshore oil pipeline. A novel approach based on the marginal spectrum of the Hilbert-Huang transform is proposed for ultrasonic echo signal processing. The demodulated ultrasonic echo signal contains the thickness information of pipeline wall, which is an(More)
A major challenge in neuroscience is to understand how brain functions are mediated by particular cell types within neural networks. Dissection of such complex networks requires the ability to manipulate the activities of specific cell types and to examine the resulting effects. A recent innovation in experimental neuroscience has been the development of(More)
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