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The nitrogen-removing characteristics of Pseudomonas stutzeri T13, a heterotrophic nitrifying-aerobic denitrifying bacterium, were investigated. The ammonium and nitrate removal of the bacterium was found to reach nearly 100 % at 15 h. However, the total nitrogen (TN) removal rate reached only about 23.47 % because of the dramatic accumulation of nitrite at(More)
The excellent removal efficiency of nitrate by the aerobic denitrifier, Pseudomonas stutzeri T13, was achieved in free cells system. However, poor nitrite reduction prevents efficient aerobic denitrification because of the nitrite accumulation. This problem could be conquered by immobilizing the cells on supports. In this study, strain T13 was immobilized(More)
Pseudomonas stutzeri T13 is a highly efficient aerobic denitrifying bacterium. Information about the genome of this aerobic denitrifying bacterium has been limited until now. We present the draft genome of P. stutzeri T13. The results could provide further insight into the aerobic denitrification mechanism in strain T13.
The present study investigated effect of ammonium utilization on aerobic denitrification by Pseudomonas stutzeri T13. Per nitrogen balance calculation, all consumed ammonium was utilized as nitrogen source for cell propagation by assimilation rather than heterotrophic nitrification. Total organic carbon (TOC) and ammonium were necessary substrates to(More)
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