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A novel forensic tool used for assessing the authenticity of digital audio recordings is known as the electric network frequency (ENF) criterion. It involves extracting the embedded power line (utility) frequency from said recordings and matching it to a known database to verify the time the recording was made, and its authenticity. In this paper, a(More)
The study started with the requirement that a photovoltaic (PV) power source should be integrated with other supplementary power sources whether it operates in a stand-alone or grid-connected mode. First, fuel cells for a backup of varying PV power were compared in detail with batteries and were found to have more operational benefits. Next, maximizing(More)
(Abstract) Pressure measurements are required in various industrial applications, including extremely harsh environments such as turbine engines, power plants and material-processing systems. Conventional sensors are often difficult to apply due to the high temperatures, highly corrosive agents or electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise that may be present(More)
A fast islanding detection tool can help power dispatchers monitor and control power system operations. Frequency monitoring network (FNET) is a low cost and quickly deployable wide-area phasor measurement system at the distribution system level. The frequency disturbance recorder (FDR) in FNET is actually a single-phase phasor measurement unit (PMU)(More)
A new method is proposed in this paper to determine the harmonic contributions of a customer at the point of common coupling. The method can quantify customer and utility responsibilities for limit violations caused by either harmonic source changes or harmonic impedance changes. It can be implemented in current power quality monitors and digital revenue(More)
A situational awareness system is essential to provide accurate understanding of power system dynamics, such that proper actions can be taken in real time in response to system disturbances and to avoid cascading blackouts. Event analysis has been an important component in any situational awareness system. However, most state-of-the-art techniques can only(More)