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Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a serious injury of the central nervous system and up until now there is no evident effective treatment for SCI. Axonal regeneration is the only way to restore functions after serious SCI that interrupt the long tracts mediating motor and sensory function. The hurdles for axonal regeneration in SCI include: glial scar tissue and(More)
Transected axons fail to regrow in the mature central nervous system. Astrocytic scars are widely regarded as causal in this failure. Here, using three genetically targeted loss-of-function manipulations in adult mice, we show that preventing astrocyte scar formation, attenuating scar-forming astrocytes, or ablating chronic astrocytic scars all failed to(More)
Red light running (RLR) has become a major safety concern at signalized intersection. To prevent RLR related crashes, it is critical to identify the factors that significantly impact the drivers' behaviors of RLR, and to predict potential RLR in real time. In this research, 9-month's RLR events extracted from high-resolution traffic data collected by loop(More)
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