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Sensor networks are widely used in many applications to collaboratively collect information from the physical environment. In these applications, the exploration of the relationship and linkage of sensing data within multiple regions can be naturally expressed by joining tuples in these regions. However, the highly distributed and resource-constraint nature(More)
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is a pleiotropic and potent inflammatory cytokine produced during inflammation. In this study, we cloned the tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα) complementary DNA (cDNA) gene from common carp Cyprinus carpio. The TNFα4 cDNA was 1318 bp in length and contained a 768-bp open reading frame, which putatively encoded 255 amino acids. The(More)
TLR5 is responsible for the recognition of bacterial flagellin in vertebrates. In this study, we cloned the TLR5M gene of common carp using the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method. The TLR5M cDNA was 3182 bp in length and contained a 2658-bp open reading frame, which encoded a protein of 885 amino acids (aa). The entire coding region of the TLR5M(More)
Recently there have been growing interests in the applications of wireless sensor networks such as traffic tracking, environmental surveillance, and network monitoring. In these applications, the exploration of the relationship and linkage of sensing data with other data sources can be naturally expressed by the external join, where the sensory tuples join(More)
This paper presents a hybrid interconnection network architecture to support integrated communication services for multicomputer-based database and multimedia systems. Our study shows that existing wormhole routing networks are inefficient in transfer of long files. We demonstrate the feasibility of integrating different network techniques based on virtual(More)
The feedback algorithm widely employed in the various current control strategies is a digital implementation of a conventional proportional plus derivative (PD) control. For dynamic control of robots, this algorithm can be shown to lead to unsatisfactory trade-offs between static accuracy, system stability, insensitivity to model structure inaccuracies and(More)
A trimer of cholic acid was prepared via a simple isocyanate linkage. Fluorescence and UV-vis spectroscopic studies showed that the same cholane trimer can form either a hydrophobic cavity in aqueous solutions or a hydrophilic cavity in an apolar solvent using pyrene and a derivative of pyrene as probes. The dynamic inversion of the cavities was(More)
The cyclostationarity feature of modulated signals was widely applied for signal detection and parameter estimation. Previous studies on blind recognition of the modulation type of a received signal are generally performed in a single domain. This paper presents a new recognition approach through establishing a joint delay-cyclic frequency feature decision(More)