Yilmaz Aksu

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This study investigated the effects of Ips typographus (L.) damage on initial litter quality parameters and subsequent decomposition rates of oriental spruce tree species [Picea orientalis (L.) Link]. The needle litter was collected from highly damaged, moderately damaged and control stands on two aspects (north and south) and two slope position (top and(More)
The syntheses and structural elucidation of dimeric [Sn(OCyHex)(2)] (1), its corresponding (cyclohexoxy)alkalistannates(II) [{M(OCyHex)(3)Sn}(2)] (M = Li (2), Na (3), K (4)), and of the first heteroleptic heterotermetallic Li/In/Sn-haloalkoxide clusters [X(2)In{LiSn(2)(OCyHex)(6)}] (X = Br (5), Cl (6)) with a double seco-norcubane core are reported. They(More)
We present a detailed study of Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurements on Li-doped ZnO nanocrystals with varying lithium concentrations. The samples were prepared starting from molecular precursors at low temperature. The Raman spectra revealed several sharp lines in the range of 100-200 cm(-1), which are attributed to acoustical phonons. In(More)
A convenient and efficient synthesis of the stable monolithium alkylzinc alkoxo cubanes {Li(thf)(RZn)(3)(OR')(4)} [R = Me, R' = (i)Pr (1), (t)Bu (2); R = Et, R' = (i)Pr (3), (t)Bu (4)] is reported. They are well soluble in organic solvents and suitable molecular precursors for the formation of Li-containing ZnO nanoparticles. The compounds are accessible by(More)
The synthesis and characterization of the first heterobimetallic methylzinc-magnesium alkoxide clusters [Me(6)MgZn(6)(OR)(8)] [R=Et (1 a), n-Pr (1 b), nBu (1 c)] with a bis-cubane-shaped MgZn(6)O(8) core is described. The thermal degradation of 1 a-c and mixtures of 1 a and the homometallic MeZn-alkoxide cubane [{MeZnOtBu}(4)] (2) in dry synthetic air led(More)
Heterobimetallic drive and cooperativity lead to a striking scenario for C-H bond activation and heteroaggregation involving Mo(III) dimers. Reaction of (RO)(3)Mo[triple bond]Mo(OR)(3) with molar excess of ZnMe(2) at-78 degrees C affords the novel mixed Zn, Mo oxo clusters [Mo(2)(MeZn)(6)(mu(2)-Me)(mu(3)-CH(2))(2)(OR)(7)] 1 (R = neopentyl) and 2 (R =(More)
The oxidative coupling of methane is a highly promising reaction for its direct conversion. Silica supported Mn(x)O(y)-Na2WO4 is a suitable catalyst for this reaction. In this study, a variety of different SiO2 materials have been tested as supports. Surprisingly, the application of ordered mesoporous silicas, here exemplarily shown for SBA-15 as support(More)
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