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In this work, we present a new optical routing framework, <i>O-Router</i> for future low-power on-chip optical interconnect integration utilizing silicon compatible nano-photonic devices. We formulate the optical layer routing problem as the minimization of total on-chip optical modulator cost (laser power consumption) with Integer Linear Programming(More)
This paper presents a class of hydration monitor that uses ultrathin, stretchable sheets with arrays of embedded impedance sensors for precise measurement and spatially multiplexed mapping. The devices contain miniaturized capacitive electrodes arranged in a matrix format, capable of integration with skin in a conformal, intimate manner due to the overall(More)
The Forkhead transcription factor, FoxO3a, is a known suppressor of primary tumor growth through transcriptional regulation of key genes regulating cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. In many types of cancer, in response to growth factor signaling, FoxO3a is phosphorylated by Akt, resulting in its exclusion from the nucleus. Here we show that FoxO3a remains(More)
OBJECTIVE There is increasing preclinical evidence indicating that metformin, a medication commonly used for type 2 diabetes mellitus, may protect against cancer. Motivated by this emerging evidence we asked 2 questions: (1) can metformin prevent ovarian cancer growth by altering metabolism and (2) will metformin increase sensitivity to chemotherapy. (More)
We previously isolated a bioactive molecule, named F3-A, from an aqueous glucose (Glc) and lysine (Lys) Maillard reaction (MR) model system. Herein, F3-A was verified as [5-(5,6-dihydro-4H-pyridin-3-ylidenemethyl)furan-2-yl]methanol (5) and was subsequently synthesized for confirmation of bioactivity. Using Taguchi and factorial designs, we determined that(More)
The urokinase system is overexpressed in epithelial ovarian cancer cells and is expressed at low levels in normal cells. To develop a platform for intracellular and targeted delivery of therapeutics in ovarian cancer, we conjugated urokinase plasminogen activator (uPA) antibodies to liposomal nanobins. The arsenic trioxide-loaded nanobins had favorable(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have been demonstrated to play a pivotal role in the regulation of target gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. In order to better understand the role of miRNA in the immunological regulation of macrophages against Mycobacterium bovis BCG infection, we explored the alteration of immune-related miRNA profile in macrophage(More)
The overexpression of permeability-glycoprotein (P-gp), an ABC transporter involved in the cellular exclusion of chemotherapeutic drugs, is a major factor in paclitaxel-resistant ovarian cancer. However, in clinical trials, co-administration of P-gp inhibitors and anticancer drugs has not resulted in the efficient reversal of drug resistance. To improve(More)
We report a complete genomic sequence of rare isolates (minor genotype) of the SARS-CoV from SARS patients in Guangdong, China, where the first few cases emerged. The most striking discovery from the isolate is an extra 29-nucleotide sequence located at the nucleotide positions between 27,863 and 27,864 (referred to the complete sequence of BJ01) within an(More)
The intermediate filament (IFs) cytoskeleton is one of the major determinants for the mechanical properties of cytoplasm. Vimentin is the major IFs protein in peripheral blood neutrophils. We investigated its expression and function during neutrophil differentiation using the promyelocytic leukemia cell line NB4. The differentiation of NB4 cells along the(More)