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Many computational programs have been developed to identify enriched regions for a single biological ChIP-seq sample. Given that many biological questions are often asked to compare the difference between two different conditions, it is important to develop new programs that address the comparison of two biological ChIP-seq samples. Despite several programs(More)
BACKGROUND Global profiling of in vivo protein-DNA interactions using ChIP-based technologies has evolved rapidly in recent years. Although many genome-wide studies have identified thousands of ERα binding sites and have revealed the associated transcription factor (TF) partners, such as AP1, FOXA1 and CEBP, little is known about ERα associated hierarchical(More)
[1] We report hourly in-situ observations of C 1-C 8 speciated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) obtained at Trinidad Head CA in April and May 2002 as part of the NOAA Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation study. Factor analysis of the VOC data set was used to define the dominant processes driving atmospheric chemical composition at the(More)
An electrowetting-based digital microfluidic lab-on-a-chip (LoC) platform for automated trace sulfate measurement is presented in this paper. This platform was designed to be integrated with a digital microfluidic impactor for online ambient aerosol sampling and analysis. The LoC uses a discrete droplet format in contrast to the traditional continuous flow(More)
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