Yiliang Zhao

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Recording and extracting characteristic brain signals in freely moving animals is the basic and significant requirement in the study of brain-computer interface (BCI). To record animal's behaving and extract characteristic brain signals simultaneously could help understand the complex behavior of neural ensembles. Here, a system was established to record(More)
The local field potentials (LFPs) underlying specific behavior were recorded and analyzed in this paper from primary motor cortex (M1) with several medium, such as the self-made single channel micro-electrodes, the system of multi-channels physiological signal acquisition and processing and so on. During the experiment, the specific behavior was divided(More)
Aiming at local field potential, the present paper introduces a method of estimating lag of neuron activities between brain areas based on windowed Harmonic wavelet transform (WHWT). Firstly, the WHWT of signals of two brain areas are calculated. Secondly, the instantaneous amplitude of the signals is calculated and finally, these amplitudes are(More)
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