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at Theory and Development Workshop at the University of Chicago for their helpful comments. I am also grateful to Krislert Samphantharak for kindly providing me the Thai gross provincial product data. All errors are on my own. Abstract In Thailand, gross provincial product is highly unequal while household income exhibits moderate between-province(More)
Prediction of clinical outcome in cancer is usually achieved by histopathological evaluation of tissue samples obtained during surgical resection of the primary tumor. Traditional tumor staging (AJCC/UICC-TNM classification) summarizes data on tumor burden (T), presence of cancer cells in draining and regional lymph nodes (N) and evidence for metastases(More)
The American Joint Committee on Cancer/Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (AJCC/UICC) TNM staging system provides the most reliable guidelines for the routine prognostication and treatment of colorectal carcinoma. This traditional tumour staging summarizes data on tumour burden (T), the presence of cancer cells in draining and regional lymph nodes (N)(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze regulatory microRNA(s) leading to increased TLR2 expression in livers of high-fat-diet induced metabolic syndrome (HFD-MetS) in rats with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). METHODS TLRs, inflammatory cytokines, candidate miRNAs targeting key TLR and its cellular localization were determined in liver. The miR-144 targeting TLR2 and(More)
Recently, refinements have been made on both the theoretical and experimental determinations of i.) the mass of the lightest Higgs scalar, ii.) the relic density of cold dark matter in the universe, iii.) the branching fraction for the radiative b → sγ decay, iv.) the muon anomalous magnetic moment, and v.) the flavor violating decay Bs → µ + µ −. In this(More)
Hyperhomocysteinemia (HHcy) is an independent risk factor of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Unfortunately, Hcy-lowering strategies were found to have limited effects in reducing cardiovascular events. The underlying mechanisms remain unclear. Increasing evidence reveals a role of inflammation in the pathogenesis of HHcy. Homocysteine(More)
BACKGROUND DNA-damage-inducible transcript 3 (DDIT3), a candidate tumor suppressor gene (TSG), has been found involved in the regulation of cellular growth and differentiation. The epigenetic changes of TSGs are recently recognized as an abnormal mechanism contributing to the development of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). The aim of this study was to(More)
We examine signals for sparticle production at the Tevatron within the framework of gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking models for four different model lines, each of which leads to qualitatively different signatures. We identify cuts to enhance the signal above Standard Model backgrounds, and use ISAJET to evaluate the SUSY reach of experiments at the(More)
BACKGROUND Our study aimed to assess the prognostic value of poorly differentiated clusters (PDCs) in invasive breast cancer. METHODS A total of 146 cases of operable invasive ductal carcinoma that was not otherwise specified (IDC-NOS), from 2002 to 2009, were pathologically reviewed. Cancer clusters with five or more cancer cells and lacking gland-like(More)
BACKGROUND Saikosaponin-d (SSd), a monomer terpenoid purified from the Chinese herbal drug Radix bupleuri, has multiple effects, including anticancer properties. However, the effect of SSd on tumors exposed to radiation is largely unknown. To investigate the radiosensitizing effect of SSd and its possible mechanism, we combined SSd with radiation therapy to(More)