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A fast two-step marker-controlled watershed image segmentation method in CIELAB color space is presented in this paper. We choose a number of seed points distributed nearly uniformly as the makers to perform the first marker watershed segmentation step, and obtain superpixels of the input image. These markers have the minimal gradient in a 3 ×3(More)
A novel prototype of self-contained wall-climbing robot used for special tasks such as rescue, inspection, surveillance and reconnaissance is developed. The wheel-leg hybrid locomotion mechanism enable the robot to achieve quick motion on wall surface, as well as obstacle- spanning on wall surfaces and smooth wall-to-wall transitions. The robot is composed(More)
Human hand is easy to be injured. As physical rehabilitation therapy after a hand operation always takes a long time, the curative effect gets worse and the social and financial hardship with physical deterioration can be caused. A CPM machine is a mechanism based on the rehabilitation theory of continuous passive motion (CPM). To improve rehabilitation(More)
A novel method is presented for automatic identification of the anterior commissure (AC) and posterior commissure (PC) in T2-weighted MR volumetric images (MRI). AC and PC are two critical landmarks of human brain. It is important to accurately identify them for brain segmentation, registration, functional neurosurgery, human brain mapping, and particularly(More)
In this paper, a sensor-based motion planning method for robot arm manipulators operating among unknown obstacles of arbitrary shape is presented. It can be applied to on-line collision avoidance with no prior knowledge of the obstacles. The sensitive skin is used to build a description of the robot’s surroundings. This approach is based on the(More)
In order to offer a method for the rehabilitation of injured fingers and a means of quantitative detection and evaluation, an exoskeleton based continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is presented in this paper. Corresponding to each finger of human hand, the CPM machine has 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) driven by two DC motors. The joint force and position(More)
The free-floating space manipulator (FFSM) system is the one in which the spacecraft's attitude is not actively controlled during manipulator activity to conserve fuel of the spacecraft. In this case, the spacecraft will move freely in response to the disturbances caused by the manipulator motions. From the viewpoint of the application, the spacecraft(More)