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Fragrant rice, including Thai jasmine and Indian basmati varieties, is highly valued by consumers globally. 2-acetyl-1-proline (2-AP) is the major compound responsible for the aromatic character of fragrant rice. Previously, environmental factors such as water management and salinity have been proven to influence 2-AP levels in fragrant rice; assessing the(More)
Parties are expected to be cooperative such that some tasks, e.g. Two-party computation in social cloud, become much easier. It is well known that reputation is an important property to promote cooperation among parties in game theory. Therefore, we consider the effect of reputation when parties interact in social cloud to find a new way realizing mutual(More)
Due to the appealing advantages of cloud storage, such as on-demand self-service and ubiquitous network access, an increasing number of users prefer to store their data on remote remote servers. However, outsourced data transfer becomes a critical requirement for users to shift their cloud storage providers because of the emergence of various cloud storage(More)
With the continuous development of cloud computing, more and more sensitive data needs to be centrally stored in the cloud storage. For protecting the privacy of data, sensitive data must be encrypted before being outsourced to the server. The traditional PEKS (Public Encryption Keyword Search) enables users to search data by using keywords in the condition(More)