Yile Zhang

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-Preeclampsia is a multisystemic disorder of pregnancy in which the normal vascular adaptations to pregnancy are compromised. Oxidative stress as well as endothelial cell dysfunction have been implicated as pathophysiological features of preeclampsia. Endothelial cells produce the vasorelaxant nitric oxide (NO). However, NO is also known to react with(More)
Recent studies have shown that estrogen can increase endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression and/or activity and that nitric oxide may play a role in attenuating vasoconstrictor responses. Yet there are still controversies in this field. Our hypothesis was that the role of nitric oxide in modulating vasoconstrictor responses in estrogen-replaced(More)
Real Time Cell Analysis (RTCA) technology is used to monitor cellular changes continuously over the entire exposure period. Combining with different testing concentrations, the profiles have potential in probing the mode of action (MOA) of the testing substances. In this paper, we present machine learning approaches for MOA assessment. Computational tools(More)
The profile of P2 receptor signaling in respiratory control has increased substantially since the first suggestions more than 15 years ago of roles in central chemoreception and modulating inspiratory motor outflow. Part of this reflects the paradigm shift that glia participate in information processing and that ATP is a major gliotransmitter. P2 receptors(More)
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