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This article deals with the rigid body collisions of planar, kinematic chains with an external surface while in contact with other surfaces. Two solution procedures that cast the impact equations in differential and algebraic forms are developed to solve the general problem. The differential formulation can be used to obtain three sets of solutions based on(More)
The focus of this survey is the modeling and control of bipedal locomotion systems. More speciÿcally, we seek to review the developments in the ÿeld within the framework of stability and control of systems subject to unilateral constraints. We place particular emphasis on three main issues that, in our view, form the underlying theory in the study of(More)
This paper describes experimental studies conducted using a pneumatically driven haptic interface (PHI) system. The PHI is a unilateral exoskeletal device that tracks the motion of the shoulder and elbow. The study was carried out to evaluate the impact of an exoskeletal haptic interface on human perceptional capabilities. A population of twenty subjects(More)
In this article we explore the feasibility of modeling normal and pathological human gait using a relatively simple five-element model. We use a robust, nonlinear control scheme to regulate the gait patterns of the model. Simulated gait patterns are generated through the use of five constraint relationships that depend on four gait parameters. Two(More)
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