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Recently, in Internet of Things field, cooperation between smartphone and home appliances becomes important and popular. Especially, smart phones equipped with Bluetooth4.0 can reduce the power consumption, increase connectable devices, and promote the cooperation between things and smart terminals. Currently, many smartphone-based control system for home(More)
Big data are large set or collection of data which cannot be processed by traditional methods such as data processing. The main problems that big data faces are storing, capturing, transferring, data curing (organization and integration of data that are collected from various resources in order to improve the reusability of the data and preservation of the(More)
Ad hoc smartphone networks can be used to augment communications degraded by disasters provided that the individual ad hoc clusters can reach some "connection gateways" to get out to the Internet. This capability can be provided by devices in the surrounding area that retain cellular connectivity in addition to the connectivity provided by the(More)
Information distribution regarding immediately correlated contents is a big challenge in local communities, such as a university campus. One of the main reasons is that a campus' local network is uncovered by public search engines, and most of the local Web sites in a community operate like information silos. A secondary reason is that the daily activities(More)
Automotive networks are simple, real-time networks with very low error rates. In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems include GPS-based navigation and wireless hotspots for cellular communication. In the event of a power outage or a major catastrophe, such as an earthquake, existing network mainframes may either shut down completely or become overloaded with(More)
IoT/Bigdata is a hot research topic all over the world in recent years and is expecting to change the world greatly in the near future. Comparing with the data in traditional websites, Bigdata from IoT devices have 4 big V-features, i.e., volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. Due to the above four features, it is hard to provide timely services to users(More)