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Chromosome conformation capture (3C)-based techniques such as chromosome conformation capture carbon copy (5C) and Hi-C revealed that the folding of mammalian chromosomes is highly hierarchical. A fundamental structural unit in the hierarchy is represented by topologically associating domains (TADs), sub-megabase regions of the genome within which the(More)
Random heteropolymers are a minimal description of biopolymers and can provide a theoretical framework to the investigate the formation of loops in biophysical experiments. The looping probability as a function of polymer length was observed to display in some biopolymers, like chromosomes in cell nuclei or long RNA chains, anomalous scaling exponents.(More)
The research on pipeline pigging technology is significant for the operation and management of pipeline. Domestic and foreign scholars usually research the operation rules of pigging in oil pipeline. There are few studies about gas pipeline pigging running because of running rate. The author established the force calculating model and corresponding(More)
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