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The multi-DOF prosthetic hand's myocontrol needs to recognize more hand gestures (or motions) based on myoelectric signals. This paper presents a classification method, which is based on the support vector machine (SVM), to classify 19 different hand gesture modes through electromyographic (EMG) signals acquired from six surface myoelectric electrodes. All(More)
In the force control of multi-functional prosthetic hands, it is important to extract grasp force information besides mode specifications directly from the myoelectric signals. In this paper, a force sensor is adopted to record the hand's enveloping force when the hand is performing several grasp modes, synchronously with 6 channels surface electromyography(More)
Instantaneous phase currents are required for successful operation of three-phase current controllers. The technique for reconstructing motor phase currents using information from a single current sensor in the dc-link of an inverter has been applied to reduce the cost, weight and volume of system. However, the duration of an active switching state may be(More)
This paper analyzes that a flexible robot test system should have these properties of data acquisition, servo control, multi-communication modes, complex and fast computation, multitasking and friendly interface. This paper investigates a highly integrated and flexible joint test system for HIT arm based on DSP/FPGA-FPGA. This test system includes two(More)