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Low threshold continuous-wave (CW) lasing of current injected InGaN quantum dot (QD) vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) was achieved at room temperature. The VCSEL was fabricated by metal bonding technique on a copper substrate to improve the heat dissipation ability of the device. For the first time, lasing was obtained at yellow-green(More)
Bag Of computational verbs (BoCV) is a new framework based on computational verb theory. In this framework, verb similarities are summed up or averaged. The value of result is put into a bag as an entry for description in order that many verbs similarities can make up the final feature vector implicitly. A novel model called spatiotemporal verb bag (SVB) is(More)
For a linearly variable Fabry-Perot filter, the peak transmission wavelengths change linearly with the transverse position shift of the substrate. Such a Fabry-Perot filter is designed and fabricated and used as an output coupler of a c-cut Nd:YVO<sub>4</sub> laser experimentally in this paper to obtain a 1062 and 1083 nm dual-wavelength laser. The peak(More)
Previous work on fire detection has focused on hand-designed features or carefully designed detectors. However, there are no universal hand-designed features or detectors that work well for various classification tasks or even for various fire detection scenarios. In this paper we propose a new method of video-based fire detection by learning multi-layer(More)
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